Sunday, November 30, 2014

Walking with cats

I'm out in the garden with Fergus and Mouse. We are prowling around the garden together. I pad pics are not up to par, but portability and instant blogging is fun. 
I've got to watch Fergus as he escaped yesterday and has no sense of keeping himself safe, unlike Mouse. Unfortunately the wee devil is very keen to go over the wall. 
The garden makes me so happy, even weedy and rampant. 
I grew these clove pinks from seed, and love to sit on the lawn next to them drinking up their divine fragrance. 
There are foxgloves taller than me. 
And just a few glorious blue delphiniums. 
Mouse is checking out the poppies. 

Horse poo has helped the tomatoes to double in size in a week. 
Look out, Mouse could pounce from anywhere. 
I'm letting the artichokes go to seed. The bumblebees love them. 
This is Utersen, which looked so gaudy in our town garden, but glows prettily here. 
I thought Mouse was admiring my tomatoes and chillies, but no, he was looking for a good place for a poo. 
Indoor raspberries - yum! 
My courgette has had masses of flowers. Some fruit would be nice! 
Light on leaves. 
It is a cat's life around here. 


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you and the cats enjoying the garden. Doesn't the colour of the fence enhance the colours in the garden. Xxx

Meg said...

Wow, garden looks fabulous, I am glad to boys are out enjoying it. Love you, Meg xxx