Sunday, November 16, 2014


We had another weekend with lovely weather, and even better, we had a holiday on Friday. I worked in my garden and rode Zanny on Friday. I decided to work in the arena because I'm determined to improve my cantering skills. I was much more confident after some successful practise. Zanny was such a good girl. 

Yesterday we went out to visit my gorgeous cousin, and saw her divine cobs. Huck is a handsome boy! He is a gypsy cob cross and has the lovely rounded cob body. 

 Look at the dear wee calf! Shame we didn't get more photos - Johnny was too busy chatting, I think. I was too busy loving the animals.
 I did take a few photos of wee Roo (Rue, Ru, Rou- we are undecided how to spell it) today. Tara needed a bit of a haircut and tidy up, and I gave Roo her first brush today. She was delighted!
 Yes - controversial breastfeeding photo! I love watching foals having a drink and find the slurping noises they make totally delightful. Tara has plenty of milk this time around. She was a bit stingy with Aria, but luckily no harm was done.
 Look at my gorgeous girl too. We practised our trotting and cantering again today. My legs are staying back in a good position now, much more consistently, and now Zanny and I are working on bending her body the correct way as we circle and work around curves.
 She enjoys a snack after her wash. I don't give her a full bath most of the time, but she always gets sponged or washed on her sweaty bits after a ride.

Zanny and I are quite envious of Frank's amazing coat. He gleams in the sunlight. He has a sore hoof currently. He is pleased about the foal and watches her over the fence, and was also rather interested in chatting to Zanny today.
 All is good in the world, according to Zanny.

I was so pleased to get some photos of her smiling today. She seems to put her grumpy face on on purpose every time I get the camera out.

Spring - you are almost over. Time to start thinking about Christmas!


Meg said...

Lovely photos of all the beautifil the curious muzzles shot. The new foal, wee Roo is super cute.
Roll on Christmasxx

Meg xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, lovely photos, Huck looks quite grownup in his summer coat! And Zanny looks in great condition. Xxx