Sunday, November 30, 2014

Walking with cats

I'm out in the garden with Fergus and Mouse. We are prowling around the garden together. I pad pics are not up to par, but portability and instant blogging is fun. 
I've got to watch Fergus as he escaped yesterday and has no sense of keeping himself safe, unlike Mouse. Unfortunately the wee devil is very keen to go over the wall. 
The garden makes me so happy, even weedy and rampant. 
I grew these clove pinks from seed, and love to sit on the lawn next to them drinking up their divine fragrance. 
There are foxgloves taller than me. 
And just a few glorious blue delphiniums. 
Mouse is checking out the poppies. 

Horse poo has helped the tomatoes to double in size in a week. 
Look out, Mouse could pounce from anywhere. 
I'm letting the artichokes go to seed. The bumblebees love them. 
This is Utersen, which looked so gaudy in our town garden, but glows prettily here. 
I thought Mouse was admiring my tomatoes and chillies, but no, he was looking for a good place for a poo. 
Indoor raspberries - yum! 
My courgette has had masses of flowers. Some fruit would be nice! 
Light on leaves. 
It is a cat's life around here. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014


We had another weekend with lovely weather, and even better, we had a holiday on Friday. I worked in my garden and rode Zanny on Friday. I decided to work in the arena because I'm determined to improve my cantering skills. I was much more confident after some successful practise. Zanny was such a good girl. 

Yesterday we went out to visit my gorgeous cousin, and saw her divine cobs. Huck is a handsome boy! He is a gypsy cob cross and has the lovely rounded cob body. 

 Look at the dear wee calf! Shame we didn't get more photos - Johnny was too busy chatting, I think. I was too busy loving the animals.
 I did take a few photos of wee Roo (Rue, Ru, Rou- we are undecided how to spell it) today. Tara needed a bit of a haircut and tidy up, and I gave Roo her first brush today. She was delighted!
 Yes - controversial breastfeeding photo! I love watching foals having a drink and find the slurping noises they make totally delightful. Tara has plenty of milk this time around. She was a bit stingy with Aria, but luckily no harm was done.
 Look at my gorgeous girl too. We practised our trotting and cantering again today. My legs are staying back in a good position now, much more consistently, and now Zanny and I are working on bending her body the correct way as we circle and work around curves.
 She enjoys a snack after her wash. I don't give her a full bath most of the time, but she always gets sponged or washed on her sweaty bits after a ride.

Zanny and I are quite envious of Frank's amazing coat. He gleams in the sunlight. He has a sore hoof currently. He is pleased about the foal and watches her over the fence, and was also rather interested in chatting to Zanny today.
 All is good in the world, according to Zanny.

I was so pleased to get some photos of her smiling today. She seems to put her grumpy face on on purpose every time I get the camera out.

Spring - you are almost over. Time to start thinking about Christmas!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Beautiful morning

Who wouldn't love a sunny morning prowl around the late spring garden? Mr Mouse and Fergus were busy exploring somewhere. Then Mouse told me that naughty Fergus had escaped out of the garden, so he needed to be retrieved. Birman cats are confident, curious and extremely pretty, so many appear listed as lost/stolen. My heart would be broken if something happened to my boys. Luckily he hadn't got far so he was taken inside to have his paws cleaned (they were filthy) and all sorts of bits picked out of his fluffy coat. 

Our back garden is looking prettier than it ever has before. The roses are flourishing, and the herbs, fruit and vegetables are looking lush and healthy. 

I had a busy day yesterday helping Em at the South Island National One Day Event Championship. It is lots of fun, and I know what needs doing now, so keep moving all day. I took out so many plaits, which is trickier than you'd think because they are all sewn in. We had our biggest team of horses that I have worked with. I'll be back on my own beautiful girl later today. Our wee foal is doing beautifully. Tara has had a relaxed attitude to the fireworks blasting everywhere, so her wee lady has too. 

Housework and shopping this morning. Four day school week this week as it is Show day on Friday. Yay for long weekends. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


In the middle of our wee jaunt around our holiday in Australia I have a newsflash! Welcome to the newest member of our herd.

Tara has given birth to a dear wee filly! She has an amazing star and three pretty white socks. She will be bay, which is not a surprise as her father is bay and the three other offspring of his that I have seen are all various shades of bay. She is inquisitive and playful, just as she should be. Tara is being a lovely mummy. We were thrilled when they both came over to say hello, and Tara leaned over for a face rub and neck scratch, which she always enjoys. She is looking really good. Her wee one came over and almost sniffed my hand.

At this stage we are debating names. Ru was suggested, which makes me think of Roo (which is really cute as she did look a bit kangarooish trying to canter) and then Rou was mooted, with her "going out" name being Revere. Watch this space! I can't wait to visit her again asap.