Saturday, December 6, 2014


I have had a tough year healthwise. Not in a lifethreatening way, and certainly nothing to complain about compared to many people. But after meeting with another Specialist who couldn't have been kinder, I was reflecting on the loveliness of people in my life. I try to be a kind, gentle sort of person, and lately I have been fortunate to have some wonderful people enter my life. Yesterday, for example, I met with a lovely parent who has a dear, sweet boy coming to my class next year. She left smiling, so I was happy. I was popping out at  lunchtime and came across a lady we have seen a few times on walks in the neighbourhood. We said "hello" and then she wanted to chat. A bit tricky, as she only has a few words in English, but we managed to introduce ourselves and I found out she is from India. I think she prefers it back home and doesn't really like living here. Maybe she is really lonely. On the way home I popped into the supermarket, and a lovely lady who worked as a relieving teacher assistant came out of the bakery and gave me a big hug. She has a fulltime job there, which is a bit sad because she was a wonderful reliever. 

I'm also so lucky to work with some amazing ladies who are now close friends. There are five of us working in our building, and we have so much fun together at work, and get each other through the tough times. Plus after school, I have another gorgeous friend who comes in for a bit of a chat, which is a lovely way to end the day. She's an inspiring lady and we never run out of things to talk about. 

I live very close to one of my dearest friends too. We enjoy cups of coffee (tea for me), grizzles, inspiration, commiseration, and shared interests. I feel so lucky to have her! 

Then there's my dear family. Saturday morning chats with my dear mummy. Messaging the family on the I-pad. Fun times together. I wish we were closer, but get-togethers are big celebrations. 

Most importantly, I live with my best friend, who is incredibly kind and the best husband ever. 

For an introvert who loves the company of animals more than most people,  have done really well getting to know so many kind, caring people. 

There's always time for cats though...

Have a lovely weekend. 

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Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, you are very precious to many people. Xxxx