Wednesday, November 5, 2014


In the middle of our wee jaunt around our holiday in Australia I have a newsflash! Welcome to the newest member of our herd.

Tara has given birth to a dear wee filly! She has an amazing star and three pretty white socks. She will be bay, which is not a surprise as her father is bay and the three other offspring of his that I have seen are all various shades of bay. She is inquisitive and playful, just as she should be. Tara is being a lovely mummy. We were thrilled when they both came over to say hello, and Tara leaned over for a face rub and neck scratch, which she always enjoys. She is looking really good. Her wee one came over and almost sniffed my hand.

At this stage we are debating names. Ru was suggested, which makes me think of Roo (which is really cute as she did look a bit kangarooish trying to canter) and then Rou was mooted, with her "going out" name being Revere. Watch this space! I can't wait to visit her again asap.


Anonymous said...

Wow, isn't she pretty, such a gorgeous star!!
So glad she and Tara are doing well, they are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful congratulations on the new baby. Xxxxxx