Monday, July 7, 2014

What's on your "Bucket List"?

I was with a close family member when she died. I literally felt the life leave her body. As awful as it was to lose someone special, as a result of the experience, I'm not afraid of death. It was a transition to peace for the dear person who died. After that I lost other close family members- unexpectedly, suddenly, not so suddenly, after a long illness, and one very peacefully, so I know life is precious, and to be celebrated each day. I don't consider any discussion around this to be morbid, but to be a reminder that we must do those little things we long to do when possible, and not put them off. 

A good old "Bucket List", which I'd never heard of until I saw the movie of the same name, is a kind of fun way of thinking about special things we'd like to do in our lives. Take a look at my Bucket List Birman, just scooped up for a big under my chin cuddle, which he loves:

I could have left Mr Mouse as an only child, my best furry friend. I could have headed to the SPCA and rescued another kitten (yes -I did feel somewhat guilty about not doing that). But I had to listen to the wee message tucked away from childhood that told me I wanted a cat just like one I saw as a little girl. A Birman with points like a Siamese, fluffy fur and perfect white slippers.
 My Bucket List Birman has brought so much joy to our little family. He is delicious.
Now I'm thinking about what could be my next goal, but right now I'm pretty happy with a soft cuddle from my dear, perfect furry friend. Oh, and his wee white slippers are not quite so pristine after a good prowl in the garden!


mcdaff said...

Going back to Milford Sound was on Joe's bucket list but it was sad he never made it. I have to go for him one day soon. I guess going to Cairns is on my bucket list, but I want to travel to lots of other places too! I am glad you have your wee Birman man, that is lovely.xxxx

Meg said...

I always wanted a choccy labrador after reading those books Emma and I etc about the chocolate lab guide dog...I am so glad we have our darling Stellar.

A very young man under care of our services took his own life devastating for him, his family and friends...hearing this made me very sad today...I hope all those dear to me live long, happy, healthy lives xxxx

Meg x