Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pretty things for a grey day

What a dreary grey day today. It was drizzling for most of the day, but luckily yesterday was just cold and grey, so I was able to have a lovely ride on Mrs Zanny. We went on a wee adventure, exploring down a road we have only been on twice, when we did the big block a while ago. Zanny and I are getting on beautifully, and she was so well behaved. I'm much more confident, and we did quite a lot of trotting on the drier, smoother areas. The roads around the farm have very wide grass verges in most places, so it is a perfect area for hacking. Zanny is fantastic with traffic, ignoring everything we have ever come across, so I am very lucky. Actually, I lie, she did jump out of her skin when a cyclist suddenly appeared on the spooky hayshed corner. We don't come across many cyclists because some of the roads are shingle, and lycra clad cyclists seem to avoid those with their skinny wee tires. 

Zanny is getting quite excited because it is her 20th birthday soon. She wants a lovely new halter. I think I might see if I can surprise her with a brown leather one. I have a special sheepskin raiser pad for under her saddle ordered, but that might take a while. I use Em's one usually, but as other horsies use it we need our own. Emily said Zanny looks like a hairy pony at the moment. I'd have to agree! 

No use hoping for a ride today, so Johnny and I went out to do a few jobs. I joined the library! Yay! The Lincoln Library is now in a beautiful new building, and I have been looking forward to becoming a regular library user again. We were members of the Christchurch libraries, but when we moved out of the city we were no longer allowed to stroll on in and leave with armfuls of books. Today I felt that joy again, as I staggered back to the car with my load. I had to tell myself that we'd be back again soon, so I could leave some books behind for another day. 

I had a little poke around the house to take photos of a few pretty things since action has been slim on the ground. In fact this afternoon I had a nap on the couch, which I haven't done in ages. I found some little birdies (thanks Meg, Ryan and Henry for the gift). 

 Look - a summery magazine to make me look forward to warmer weather. I need lots of sundresses.
 Oh, Fergus, you are so pretty too!

Afternoon nap time.

 Where's Mouse? Not exactly handy for a photo. He has a lovely spot up on top of my shelves of pretty things. Even better, it is a kitten free zone. For now.
 Fergus has taken to destroying rolls of toilet paper, so we bought him his own toy, which he can kick and shred as much as be likes. He rather likes his new bunny, but fell asleep hugging it today. Something tells me the toilet rolls are still not safe.
 I love all of the pretty things in my chintz collection. I think it is time I found some more treasures. This wee delphinium cup is all alone, with no matching friends. The shape is so sweet, and I love the pattern.
 The Crafty friend bought me the "Keep Calm and Quilt On" fabric sticker.
 This was another market find, for only $15.
 Johnny rescued my wee embroidered pincushion from Fergus the Fiend last night. Hours of stitching slobbered on and munched by our wicked kitty. Luckily it didn't get the same treatment he gives to toilet rolls. Maul your bunny, Mr Kitten!!!!
 Hopefully the photos are going to work properly - I had a bit of trouble with Blogger today. Grrr. Pop over to the sewing blog for some more action.


Meg said...

Oh exciting...I forgot it was school holidays so it was a nice surprise to see some blog entries!!!
Love all your pretty things xx
Meg x

mcdaff said...

You will know exactly when the school holidays are soon, Meg. Very grey and freezing here today too, no rain though. Lovely blog and the chintz is so pretty. Love to all. xxxx