Sunday, June 29, 2014

Winter Day

Brr - the wind was so cold today, even though the sun was shining. We had things to do around home, and popped out to do a bit of shopping. Yay, our brother-in-law Ryan arrived this afternoon for a wee visit. We're making homemade pizzas for tea.

This morning before the wind really came up I opened up the back door to let the herd out to play. My pots of bulbs are making me very happy. The hyacinths especially.

 Mouse surveyed his domain.
 Miss Dog supervised every move the cats made.
 Ahhh, time for some cat yoga.
 So much to sniff and snuffle. Mr Mouse has huge fluffy britches on.
 Everything is new and exciting for Fergus.

 The damp lawn was very interesting. I wonder if Fergus will have a tail to rival Mouse's enormous plume one day?
 After a whole lot of hard work exploring and playing the boys settled down for a snuggle up on Johnny's beanbag. The beanbag lives in my sewing room because Mouse often insists on sitting as close to me as possible when I'm sewing, and I find it easier to nestle him down next to me in the beanbag than moving him off my chair constantly.
There has been plenty of sewing over at the sewing blog, so pop over for a look. Oh, and if you are tired of cats, you are reading the wrong blog. 


Anonymous said...

Your two boys are much more beautiful than any we sawat the Cat Show today!!!!

Take care of my dear husband.

Love you guys,
Meg xxxx

Poppy Black said...

Don't worry- he's quite happy on the couch by the fire with homemade pizza in his tummy! XXX