Saturday, July 19, 2014

This and That

We've had plenty of very dreary days over the last two weeks. I managed a bit of a garden tidy up, Zanny got her shoe put back on (yes - I found it!), we've been out and about a little bit. Last night I went to the movie Jersey Boys, which is about Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, so had lots of great music and I really enjoyed the story. The Crafty Neighbour wanted to see it, so I went with her, and was so glad I did. 

The garden is looking really damp and the grass has mud tracks every where. It showered on and off today, yet again. I do have some lovely hyacinths opening up. These three are supposed to be the same, but one is lagging so far behind that I'm wondering if it is a different variety. 
 These big plump ones look so promising.
 I planted several rows of garlic. This was some from a big daddy bulb given to me by Fisherman Jim (my Garlic God brother).
 I also did some work on one of my quilts.
 I have been a bit sidetracked by clothes sewing, so this has been lurking in the wings waiting for a day in the spotlight. I adore the fabrics.
 Mr Mouse approves too. What a scruffy man he is, and his head looks enormous here! He isn't weird looking like this in real life.
 Here's my latest clothing project, after a night out. You can read more about it on Poppy Sews.
I'm trying to decide whether this gets another outing tonight. We are going out for dinner (Indian - yummmm!) with Johnny's colleagues. Plenty of room around the tummy for expansion.

It has been a bit dull around here. Never mind. I guess when your biggest disappointment is that you have finished watching all of your Downton Abbey  DVDs, things could be a lot worse.


Anonymous said...

The hyacinths are lovely, I can just imagine how lovely the perfume will be. I like the dress, the neckline is lovely and it looks great with the black accessories. I tried to leave a comment in Poppy Sews but it is not co operating. Xxx

Meg said...

Sounds like you have been very productive. The dress looks fab and so do you...I love tartan! Hope the Indian was delicious...yuuuuuummmmmm.
Love you, Meg xxx