Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back to work

Well, as always, getting back to work means a lot less adventures and creating at home. I get really tired, so just have to do what I can. I rode Mrs Zanny yesterday out along the road. We went for quite an adventure, past the first spooky hayshed, past the big rows of plastic wrapped bales, past another spooky hayshed, along past some interesting properties, and past a wool shed. The road verges are very wide, and safe for trotting in most places. Zanny likes to go FAST when she trots. She'd be amazing in a trotting race. I have to try to keep her pace under control in case she stumbles. It is fun to race along though!

We are trying to get the front garden under control. Johnny pruned a big rose bush today, and did a great job. I'm hoping he'll help me with some more (hint hint). His dad was brilliant at pruning roses, and I think it might be hereditary.

I'm having fortnightly 'cello lessons this term. I'm starting this week, but I have a sore little finger on my left hand, which is important for playing. I'm hoping it will be OK, but it didn't take kindly to gardening today.

There's been a little bit of sewing this week. Pop over to my sewing blog to check up on what I have been working on. 

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Meg said...

After a busy weekend I am dreading work tomorrow..have a very contentious planning workshop tomorrow which I can't be bothered with!! Had a lovely weekend though. Glad you got out for a ride and spent time with Zanny. I did a bit of gardening as well, plus time with the wee family. Love to you and Johnxxx