Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Lost Shoe

The weather has been cold and windy around here. Not good for riding. Today I headed out and was pleased to discover the sun was shining out at the farm, so things were looking great for a lovely ride. That was until I brought Zanny in and realised she had lost a shoe somewhere in her enormous paddock. So I settled for a grooming session, then had a hunt for the shoe. Zanny's paddock not only has some pine trees at one end for shelter, but a large pond in it. There was no sign of the lost shoe. I could possibly ride her gently with a missing shoe, on soft ground, but her hooves tend to crack easily, and her shoes protect them from crumbling. I might just have to wait until the farrier visits the farm, which hopefully will be soon. What a bummer for the holidays. Zanny just looked at me knowingly, like she'd done it on purpose, and knew exactly where the shoe was hiding. 

Fergus has been a busy boy playing, sleeping and eating. He loves his cat tunnel. 
Look at those enormous blue eyes! They don't look real because they are so brilliant, gleaming like jewels. 
Mr Mouse has gone for a nap somewhere. I'm sure he'll appear when the fire is lit, and will take over Miss Dog's bed, stretching out so she has no room. They all love basking by the fire.

I'm going to make a big pot of minestrone soup for tea, and I couldn't be more pleased.

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Meg said...

Shame about the shoe, naughty Zanny. Fergus is growing, he is so handsome. We had a lovely lunch with Mum and Dad and Jim. Jim is staying the soon to the Festival of Lights the stinking rain...bummer.
Love you xxx