Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm back in action

Oh dear, we had a blogging hiccup last weekend when Blogger was too slow to work with, so I'm hoping we are back to the usual speed. I wasn't feeling the best the week before last, so was pretty unmotivated anyway. The last week has been better, with brighter days and more fun times.

Today dawned frosty and clear, with the hideous stench of cat poo from the pussycat ablutions facility in the ensuite bathroom. Oh dear, someone had an upset tummy, but at least he chose to use his litter tray. Both boys got outside for a while today because I thoroughly aired the house out. I had to block some gaps in the perimeter of the garden to prevent Fergus from escaping. What a naughty boy he is! Mouse keeps an eye on him, but he can't stop him getting into mischief.

The day was just lovely, so I was pleased to head out to spend time with Zanny and her friends. It was quiet out at the farm, so we were on our own for a ride. We headed out along the road and around the triangle block. The ground is pretty squishy, so we only had one trot and the rest of our ride was very leisurely, with Zanny choosing her own path most of the way. We did meet up with a huge hedge trimmer tractor hiding noisily on the other side of one of the big pine shelter belt hedges. I'm glad it didn't scare her. Mind you, she was heading towards home, and doesn't usually let things bother her as much on the way home as she does when we're heading away.

I had a surprising experience with the wee pony who shares her paddock with the girls. He was in with Dolly and Thistle, but today I found he was in with Zanny and Tara. Poor wee man. The girls are really mean to him, and I have had to work hard to gain his trust. He has been on the farm a while and I'm not sure of his future as he is really spooky, headshy and scared of people. He's about 12.2 hands high, I'd say, and still young. I think he was backed and turned out again. Today I said hello to him as always and his cover was badly ripped with a big piece of lining dangling right down over his hind legs. Zanny! Naughty girl! I spent some time sorting out the cover as best I could, tying up the lining, watching out in case he kicked out suddenly. But he just stood there. He let me lean my arms on his back. He stood totally still while I fussed over him, and ended up snuggled up with my arms around his furry neck, cuddling him for ages. What a treat! He was so relaxed and I was really surprised. I do get teased a bit about being a "horse whisperer" out on the farm, and maybe there's something in it. Horses are the most divine, beautiful creatures.

There has been some serious sewing over at the sewing blog. Plenty of problems too.

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mcdaff said...

Sounds as if you had a good day, they pony sounds sweet. It was lovely to chat this morning. Nice to see the sun here today. xxxx