Sunday, June 15, 2014

The new project

It has begun! My vintage sewing adventure is underway. Now you can zippity zip your way over to Poppy Sews and take a look at the first two posts. The blog is still under construction, so the various elements on the layout will built up in number, and change as I get new ideas. There has been a bit of sewing undertaken today. As usual, my furry assistants were on hand. Fergus was particularly insistent that I needed his input.
 Don't worry, I am not making a dress in this horrible fabric. It is an old sheet I am using to make a muslin - a mock up of the dress - to ensure it fits before hacking into my dress fabric.
 Worryingly, Fergus loves playing with pins. No! Dangerous!

He still looks quite little, but is eating like a Labrador, and is getting more solid with each passing day.
 Today the sun came out and warmed up the back yard for a while. I decided to open up the back door and let the fresh air in. It was Fergus' first day in the garden. What a wee adventurer he is!
 You can see mud on the decks and paving. Johnny hosed it away and Miss Dog tracked more everywhere. The grass squelches when you walk on it. We are supposed to be getting another week of rainy days this week. More mud.
 Fergus tiptoed over the wet grass.
 Mouse was there to lend a hand and kept a close eye on his wee brother. Johnny put those sticks in on the lawn to try to make Miss Dog walk a different way. She has left a muddy path like a pacing cheetah at the zoo.
 That's right Fergus, you might as well add your pawprints to Miss Dog and Mousie's ones on the cutting garden. No respect. Make yourself useful and pull out some weeds please!
After a bit of pottering in the garden, I headed out to the farm to see my Mrs Horse. Zanny and I really enjoyed another ride out around the roads. She was a little more alert and looking for danger today, and we did have a couple of discussions about potential monsters. She always thinks covers hanging on fences are about to eat her, and today I didn't let her get away with any nonsense. Apart from that we did some lovely trotting out along the wide grassy verge, which wasn't too mushy, and walked the bumpy areas. Heaven! The mountains are covered in bright white snow, and gleam when the sun shines. 

When I returned home we popped over with some flowers to see our friends (and neighbours) who had a horribly unexpected death in their family. It brought back some sad memories for my darling Johnny, who lost his wonderful dad suddenly in similar circumstances. They were the same age. Life is very precious and each day is special. I hope you can find something to celebrate about each day in the next week of your life. XXX 


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog and good to see Furgus out and about,he and Mr Mouse are very similar 🎩shapes arent they. Hope you get poor Ruby sorted out this week. Have a good week xxxx

mcdaff said...

You and Megan will both enjoy this facebook page with links. Dresses for you, skirts for Meg.


Anonymous said...

Big hugs to John..I remember that terrible day like it was just a few weeks ago.

I will take a peek at the new blog.

Hope the week is going well,


Anonymous said...

I vaccinated 2 birmans on Saturday and they were very cool. I got the Birman huff from one of them - does fergus do that? It's their angry annoyed sound. It cracks me up. It only happens with that breed! Glad they're doing so well together. Mr Mouse did have lots of siblings , but he is really laid back so that's probably why he's like his new brother. Has he stopped giving popster such a hard time?? Xx em

Anonymous said...

Oooops prob why he like his new brother. Stinking typing on the iPad!

Poppy Black said...

Don't worry about Pops, Mousie is always pretty gentle even when he is pretending to be grouchy. I have never heard the Birman huff! Fergus is too cheerful.