Saturday, May 24, 2014


The best day of the week during term time is Saturday. We've had lots of happy times during the week, but I am so, so tired every day. Layer upon layer of exhaustion build each day, so Friday afternoon is a great relief. 

Today the threat of windy and generally unpleasant weather loomed, so I headed out to see darling Zanny late in the morning when the wind was a light breeze. She had a serious appointment with the farrier this week, and her problem hoof had a bit of creative carving to the hoof wall to remove a nasty bit. I am pleased with how her hooves look as they are neater than usual. We have a new farrier, so I am hoping he is passionate about his work. Tara's hooves look much better too, and she is not lame like last week. Poor darling. It was ghastly to see her in so much pain from an evil abscess. 

Zanny was a bit jumpy before I climbed on, but she was fabulous to ride, and very happy. We had so much fun working on my position at trot. We cantered a bit, and I was bouncy again today. Zanny didn't seem to mind too much, but had a spring in her step as we headed back to the stable. I have to remind her to pay attention down the path by the pine trees, because she can be so excited about heading home that she doesn't notice the tree roots that ripple the entire track. After she nearly did a face-plant I am strict about reminding her to be careful. 

When I got home I worked on the Fergus and Mouse quilt. It always feels rather indulgent starting to piece another quilt, with the company of  favourite DVD. Today it was Call the Midwife Series 2.
 I have pieced strips, and now need to iron then join the strips.

I hung up my wee flower garland. Cute, isn't it? Note the Easter bunnies that simply refuse to go back into their box.
 I added a couple of chintz treasures to my collection recently. I adore the poppy and cornflowers on this wee dish. The colours sing together.
 And at last I have a piece of Sweetpea chintz. Simply gorgeous.
Hope it is fine tomorrow for another ride. But if not, I guess that means more time in the craft room.


Anonymous said...

Love the new chintz, and the cat quilt, nice bright colours! It was lovely to have a talk this morning. Xxxx

Helen Philipps said...

Love your new quilt, and I too have done lots of sewing (and crochet)while watching Call the Midwife! Your flower garland looks very pretty, and I love your sweetpea chintz!
Happy week!
Helen xox