Sunday, June 8, 2014

Queen's Birthday Update

Greetings everyone! Winter has moved in with a very dank weekend. Yesterday I rode Zanny with friends out along foggy roads. Today was too damp for riding. It doesn't look good for the rest of the week either. Fortunately the Queen's Birthday three day weekend was sunny, as we had visitors. My lovely sister and sister in law, plus our wee nephew came to stay. 

Look at the little dinosaur- I want a hat like this in my size! You can find some cool things at the Riccarton Market. I did pick up two pieces of chintz china and a scarf with swallows on it. 
 We went to Steam Scene out on Mclean's Island and rode the big train. Unfortunately the wee trains weren't running due to a marathon (????). I didn't see any runners puffing along the mini train tracks, so couldn't really understand why we had to miss out.
 Anyway, the big train was fun, and awesome with my fab sister and her brilliant family. We love them all so much!!! Note the new swallow scarf above.
 Henry thought the playground was just his cup of tea, and would have happily stayed for hours, I think. I really enjoyed basking in the sun and feeling a bit grateful that I could appreciate the playing children with no responsibility for any of them.
We all enjoyed eating out at The Flying Burrito Brothers, and having Indian food and a homemade Mexican feast. We also had a prowl around The Tannery, which is a boutique mall. I managed to find a great pair of black knee high boots on sale at the Dressmart outlet mall too. Plus I bought a MAC Russian Red lipstick which is the perfect pinky red vintage colour. It stays on well compared to my red Body Shop one, which I also love. That one is a true red and is also perfect for the vintage look. I'm a huge fan of red lipstick, and life is too short not to indulge on an everyday basis. (By the way, note the lack of red lippy in the train photo- if only it stayed on for a lot longer).

Well, the school week ended on a down note, and I required some serious recharging over the weekend. Sorry to say my camera battery didn't survive the week either, so I haven't taken any more photos of dear wee Fergus, who has a remarkably healthy appetite. There's a bread bag with a big hole on it on the bench. Our Birman baby is very greedy, and people food is not off limits as far as he is concerned. He spent most of the afternoon in the hot water cupboard with Mouse, cosy and warm. I made myself a very pretty top with pink roses on it, and watched Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey. Yes, photos when the camera is charged.

Now I'm very keen to get back into making clothes again.


Anonymous said...

Cute photos. Good to hear your news. The weather looks terrible here for the next few days. I want to go back to Vanuatu! Xxxx

Anonymous said...

We had the best time in Chch with you guts...miss you heaps!! Hope school going better this week!

Love you,
Meg xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

You guys ( not you guts!!!)