Sunday, May 18, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We've had Fergus, AKA Mr Kitten, for a week now, and he is happily settled, as you can see. Of course, he does require some bedding of his own. With plenty of fabric in this lovely bundle I put together at the craft show a few months ago, I think I will make a quilt for both boys to share. Mr Mouse will suit these colours too. They are mostly American Jane fabrics, with the smaller floral print from October Afternoon. 
 Mr Kitten didn't require any convincing. He insisted on giving them a test-drive.
 I think the October Afternoon print might be his favourite. I love the other dot and floral from the School Days range by American Jane. I'd love a dress in it. Mr Kitten's favourite would make a lovely blouse. We've only got fat quarters, sadly.
 I spent some time cutting 4.5 inch squares, which I hoped I'd have joined today, but after a brief shopping outing, a visit to see my horsey girls (which included a bit of battle to put a poultice on Tara's hoof- she's having abscess trouble too), plus planting a ridiculous amount of silver beet and spinach, the day was gobbled up.

Mr Kitten knows how to relax on a weekend afternoon.
 I am fascinated by his wee Birman slippers.
 Ahhhh- stretching out. I knew I made those cushions for a reason!
 Mr Kitten has slept a lot today. Maybe he is going through a growth spurt, or possibly his big first week with us has caught up with him.

It was rather dank out in the backyard this afternoon. Everything is damp and the soil clings to the trowel and boots. It wasn't particularly cold, but felt like we are moving steadily towards winter. Oh roses, pansies and spring bulbs, I look forward to seeing you glowing in the sunshine once again.
That reminds me, I must buy lots of violas and pansies. I guess my Easter bunnies should head back to their burrows soon, but they have been trying to convince me that they are too pretty to hide away. I think they might be right! The wee Tilda fabric quilt in the lower left corner winged its way to live with my fabulous sister. It is fun to share a bit of quilty love with a special person.

I need to do some sewing during the week so that Mr Kitten and Mr Mouse will have their new quilt. I managed to find some snuggly wool batting to use at a good price. Motivation is high!!


Anonymous said...

Pretty glad the cats love each other!!!!

I am so lucky to have the Tilda is gorgeous and I have it on my knee every evening. I even caught Hen snuggling up under it ( he knows Aunty Fiona made it for Mummy). Love it!!!

Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks,

Love you
Meg xxx

mcdaff said...

Love the bright photos, very pretty blog. The Tilda quilt is gorgeous. Love Fergus's wee slippers too. xxxx

Helen Philipps said...

I enjoyed all your lovely photos in this post. Your new little kitty looks very happy among the beautiful fabrics. Love the little quilt and the hexies too.
Happy weekend.
Helen xox