Friday, April 18, 2014

Stitching in a cyclone

We had another visit from a cyclone over the last couple of days. They usually very occasionally brush the far north of our wee country, but we have had two recent stormy cyclonic events passing through. The wind was roaring over night, and the rain was horizontal this morning, soaking everything. It was the perfect morning for a sleep in. Then we had a good tidy up. After some homemade hot crossless buns made by The Crafty Neighbour (very delicious but rather a trial to make), we chatted over our knitting. I'm working on fingerless glove number two.

I must admit I cranked up the DVD player in my workroom and watched Twilight, yet again. I was busy making and sewing on binding. 

I didn't have enough of the blue Tilda tiny spot fabric to do the whole binding, so found the perfect remnant of pink dotty fabric to use with it. 
It is a bit of a tedious job handstitching binding, but I wasn't happy with the finish on the one quilt I bound using machine. I'm not the most accurate machinist. I must work on that. 

Well, on with the binding. One side to go. I'm so pleased that there has been very little procrastination on this project. That's a rare thing for me! 


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was an inside day here as well though I did get out for a walk with Stellar to do some rubber necking at the storm damage!

Wee quilt looks gorgeous.

Love the idea of daily posts...will be checking in daily!!

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Our power has been off for ages but back on now. The quilt is lovely, you will be happy to have it finished. Look forward to your blog tomorrow. Xxxx