Saturday, April 19, 2014

Outdoors at last

It felt amazing to be able to throw open the back door and head out into the garden for some vigorous jungle taming. After such a wet day yesterday the weeds slipped out so easily, and I managed to tidy quite a large area of the vege patch. The washing dried on the washing line, sun shining down. The feijoas are falling, and I've been giving lots away.

Sorry, bit of a strange angle on this photo! 
We've got some healthy growth in parts of the garden. 
The strawberries by the deck have a tiny gap to send roots down into, and they love it!
I've grown my best celery yet, and the leeks are fattening up well too. 
Fantastic carrots and beetroot. Wow, a vegetable miracle!
There are a few roses still blooming. 
More goodies to plant too. 

Mrs Zanny and I had a lovely ride out today. She was a good girl. We are negotiating spooky things with less fuss, even when she's feeling a bit fresh, like she was today. She has been wearing her lovely new cover, which has the most snug polar fleece inner neck rug. She will be lovely and cosy even on freezing days. Very smart too, in blue check, although she has liberally decorated it with mud already. 

It is supposed to be another lovely day tomorrow. I'm sure it will be another productive day. 

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