Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rushing Sunday

Funny how Sunday seems to feel like a frenzy of doing things. The day of rest is now the day of rushing to make the most of every moment before the working week starts again. The green bin required filling today, which didn't take long once we both got stuck into hacking back overgrown herbs. Rosemary and lemon balm grow extremely well around here. I harvested a bit of a mixed bag of tomatoes, leaving  lots of rotten ones behind. Memo to self: a bit more effort with the tomatoes this year please. I also found one marrow and a lovely courgette lurking beneath mildewed leaves. Sounds a bit like a brew of pasta sauce or tomato soup coming up. No, not marrow soup. 

There was a break in the weather long enough to garden and ride today. Mrs Zanny was in a perky mood. She hadn't had a ride all week, and her imagination ran a bit wild over monsters, plus she was in the mood for speed. We had some good trots along the wide grass verge, but I have to contain her energy because she can be a bit careless and stumbly. The bird scarers were out in force today, so we had a bit of jig jogging past the spooky hayshed, after a volley of booms thundered in our ears, but it was a really successful and fun ride. I even found a feed of big mushrooms down the end of the paddock, so was very happy about that.

I am almost ready to cast off my first fingerless glove. Hope it works! I am just planning to make a tube with a gap for my thumb. It is almost all 2 x 2 rib, apart from a couple of mistakes. i am easily distracted. 

I was very excited to get a parcel from John's mum, containing recent issues of New Zealand House and Garden. Mr Mouse is guarding some of them.
Wouldn't a cosy quilt or knee be a comfier place to sleep? 

I love good magazines. I have been a loyal fan of the English Country Living magazine for many years. It is quite a shock to me that I have been enjoying Country Homes and Interiors even more. The latest issue is full of gorgeous, inspiring pages. 
Spring is a long way away, but who wouldn't be pleased to have a sneak peek at heavenly spring gardens? 

Four days until the Easter break. I'll be able to ride more regularly, garden whenever the weather suits, cook, sew, knit, read and think about rearranging some things around the house. I can't wait. 


Anonymous said...

The glove sleeve thingies look great!!!

Cant wait for Easter either!! Henry is excited about the Easter bunny coming!

Have a great week,
Love you,
Meg xxx

Anonymous said...

The Country Living has looked a bit dour and colourless lately. I think it has caught Bland disease! It has turned cold here, we have the fire going today. Have a good week, not long 'til Easter. xxxxx