Saturday, April 12, 2014

Critter Quilt

It has been a very wet day here today. Apparently the next ten days are supposed to be damp, if not rainy. Poor Zanny out in the horrble weather. I hope to get out for a ride tomorrow, but today I stayed dry (mostly). One run to the letterbox, and a feijoa hunt did require a bit of outside time. I love being home, sorting things out, cooking and crafting. 

I made some pumpkin and yellow carrot soup. 

I had no idea what carrots I was growing, but one row turned out to be these wee orange balls, and the other row are lovely yellow fellows. I still have plenty of lettuces growing too and just put in some more oakleaf ones. 
This soup has a small butternut pumpkin, two big yellow carrots, around five shallots, a blob of red curry paste (probably two tablespoons) and about two tablespoons of coconut milk powder blended with a bit of water before being blended in at the end of cooking. I also seasoned it with about a teaspoon of smoked garlic salt. I gave it a good whizz with my stick blender, splattering myself a bit in the process. That seems to be an essential step in any good whizzing. 

I've been working on a quilt project, which I pinned and machine quilted in wiggly lines this afternoon, while watching series two of The Darling Buds of May

Of course someone not only wiped his damp paws on it, he also used it as a comfy nest. No Mouse, this quilt is not for you! 

I think he knows the batting is lovely warm wool. 
I love the birdies on the reverse side. Maybe that is why Mr Mouse loves it so much. 
Right, time to go and make homemade tortillas now, for homemade tacos. I found some new Mexican seasoning to try. I never get tired of Mexican food. Good on a wet night too.  

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Anonymous said...

Yum, the soup sounds delicious. We never get sick of mexican either...yum.

The critters quilt is gorgeous!!! I love my wee Fiona knee quilt!!!

Hope the weather doesn't match the forecast and it isn't too gloomy.

Love you,