Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

 What a lovely Easter Sunday we have had! There are Easter Bunnies here and there.

 Last year I had an Easter tree display, but Mr Mouse took rather a paws-on interest in it, so I decided to pop my Easter goodies among my pretty china.

 Mr Mouse did have a go at "catching" my wee birds among the teacups, which was a little alarming.
 He is especially fond of this green one, and you can see the tooth marks on its face.
 Of course there was a bit of chocolate gifted and shared around here. We haven't had much chocolate lately, so it really is a treat. I love the manic chocolate button eyes on the bunny illustrations on my button egg box.
 Johnny's Easter Bunny was viciously attacked by our bunny hunting kitty cat.

 Oh no- the Easter Bunny is a goner!
 We've had a seriously large crop of what I now consider to be green Easter eggs. Take a look at this immense feijoa- over 250 grams in weight!!!
 Compared to a regular marshmallow egg it looks enormous. I should really eat it, but I can't stop admiring it. I didn't have the same trouble with the marshmallow egg. Mmmm- it was delicious!
 I just did a wee bit of sewing today, piecing some scrappy pieces to make some trivet things (I think), and to practise my machine quilting. Pretty fabrics are perfect for Easter Sunday.
I'll show you the quilting when I've got a bit more done. Let's just say I wasn't too pleased with the reverse side. Come on sewing machine! Don't give up on me now!

No such trouble with Mrs Zanny today. She is all fluffy now, and I had quite a bit of work to do to get rid of the mud in her coat. I discovered that I had missed a big clod of dirt stuck in her mane once I scrambled on board. We went to the arena to do some skills practise, as it was very quiet on the farm. We were getting on really well until a surprise sent her into a frenzy of horror. A pinto (skewbald) pony appeared through a hidden back gate to the stud farm next door, and Zanny got a horrible fright and panicked a bit. Luckily I did not, and managed to turn her towards the completely harmless looking pony so that she could have a good look. I guess a strange patchy thing appearing unexpectedly when you don't have good eyesight (she's blind in one eye), would be alarming, but she acted like she'd never seen a pinto before (I know in her 19 years she must have seen plenty). My darling drama queen.

I hope the Easter Bunny got to you before Mr Mouse got to him!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, gorgeous photos, glad you had a good day. Still rainy at times here at least got out to pick up a few walnuts. Xxx