Sunday, April 6, 2014

Countdown to Easter

Only two weeks of term left before Easter. I got loose in my workroom and had a bit of a tidy up. Since my overlocker joined the family things have been very cluttered in craft central. I moved some things around and reclaimed the cutting area of my desk. 

Yes, that is a fairly large television in the corner. I did mention mounting it on a wall sometime. It plays DVDs rather than regular tv. Good for long sewing sessions. 
I have the ironing board set up permanently. It irons a lot more fabric for quilting than boring old clothes ironing. My overlocker did some mending this weekend. Threading it is quite a challenge, but not insurmountable. Now it is relatively tidy in the craft room i can't wait to get stuck into finishing some projects. 

I managed to ride Zanny twice this weekend. She was full of beans yesterday, but much more settled today. We went out hacking on both days. We were able to go a lot further today, as Zanny was easier, and managed what I call the small block, negotiating the bird scarers and the chook lady's house. So much fun! Hacking out and about is what we both prefer to do, so when it all goes well like today, I am so pleased with the pair of us. 

While I was out at the farm I noticed lots of big mushrooms in the girls' paddocks. It seems to be a brilliant year for fungi. I'm not sure whether the mushrooms are horse mushrooms, or just big field mushrooms, but either way, they are edible. So I harvested some and had them for tea, pan fried. Yum! 
Most of the mushrooms get crushed under-hoof, so it was good to gather some for a free feed. 

I wonder if it will be a slow week or a quick week. It has been a really quick weekend, sadly. I'm so excited about the holidays!!!! 


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Anonymous said...

Love the Easter pictures! Sounds like you have had a good weekend, your studio looks tidy and organised. Have been planting bulbs. The weather has been beautiful. Have a good week, Lots of love to all, Mum. xxxxx