Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crabapples and horses

I picked crabapples off my tree today. I am giving them to my dear friend, who will hopefully get the chance to turn them into jelly. Well, she will be more likely than me. They are lovely fat crabapples that make your mouth pucker a little, but can actually be munched like a wee regular apple, if you don't mind a bit of sourness. I'm unlikely to challenge myself to get through a big bag myself, so jelly it is. 

I attempted to weed the rest of the front border, but was beaten by the grass from the lawn that has encroached into the garden and tangled its way through everything. I gave it a good go, but need to give the soil a good soak, then attack it again. I came across lots of bulbs, and discovered rather a lot of bulb fly grubs lurking in sad squishy bulb carcasses. The grubs got what they deserved. 

I have had a remarkably successful weekend with my darling Mrs Zanny. I gained to much confidence last week at the beach, and she responded so well. I confess I did watch some Jody Hartstone videos which gave me some great ideas. Jody is a New Zealand Grand Prix dressage rider and coach, and she made so much sense. I undid some things I learned at riding school because I realised I was confusing Zanny, which was contributing to my speed problems. Today I had consistent rhythm at trot, beautiful big circles exactly where I wanted them plus I cantered confidently (well sort off). I was thrilled. 

Zanny and I rode over to pay our respects to darling Ben, who is now buried facing the arena, in a special place. The beach ride I went on last weekend was Ben's last, and it was a miracle that he was well enough to canter along beside Zanny and Frank, play in the waves, and have some good rolls in the sand. His heart was in terrible shape, and he had other recurring problems. It was a bit of a calculated risk taking him out, but so worthwhile because he had a wonderful time. Zanny and I will make regular visits to his grave. Ben was incredibly talented and such a character. He will be missed so much. 

It has been a sad time for another precious person too. She had to say goodbye to her darling pony. Life and genetics can be so cruel. Right now I'm also very worried about Zanny's special horse friend, who suddenly became acutely ill, and looked very miserable today, connected to two huge bags of saline. His mummy is frantic with worry. 

On the home front, our child, Mr Tiger (not sure Mouse suits him now), caught a poor wee chaffinch today. Or maybe he found it after it hit a window. It had a broken neck, and was still warm. He didn't get a chance to eat it because he foolishly brought it in to show it to the family. We were not amused.

It was a bit of a stressful week last week at work. Hopefully the first week of autumn will bring good things. 


Anonymous said...

Always sad to say goodbye to special friends, animal and human. Glad you and Zanny are getting on fine. What is wrong with Zanny's friend? Have a good week. Xxxx

Poppy Black said...

Probably an infection. It presented like severe colic but isn't apparently. Poor man.