Saturday, March 1, 2014


We are at the end of a lovely summer, and now the weather is cooling. Zanny had to wear a winter cover for the first time this year last night. I need to get her a new one because her old one is grotty. I put the winter one back on for tonight because it will be quite chilly. 

Zanny and I had a lovely ride in the arena today. She tried it on with the spooky business, but I was ready for her and insisted that she was not going to be eaten by a bike lying on the ground, or a jump made of tyres. I did a bit of practise with my stirrups crossed over the saddle to work on my balance. It was fun!!!! I realised after our beach ride that I take riding far too seriously, and am determined to have fun and relax more. The beach ride gave me a much needed boost in confidence. 

The Crafty Neighbour and I are back into knitting again now that the weather is cooling. I have been spending far too much time messing around on the internet and not enough time creating. We are both making dishcloths to get back into our knitting stride. She has already finished one, complete with double crochet edging, and is making another with a fancier pattern. I have some balls of cotton that have been around for ages, so that got us started. I was thinking knitted long cuffs would be useful, but I actually think whipping some up with merino fabric and my overlocker would be more fun. 

I worked on the front border today, weeding vigorously. I only did one side, but hope to get the whole thing finished tomorrow. Time to think about planting bulbs and colour for winter and spring. 

Poor Mouse got shut in the garage last night. I was tucking Miss Dog into bed and Mr Mouse sneaked in. I was so tired that I didn't realise, and even thought he was on the bed. I heard him crying when I got up, and found him in with Miss Dog. Unfortunately he must have been rather upset because he did a big wee on my woollen saddle blanket, which was inside a protective bag, that did very little protecting under the deluge. Zanny hasn't even had a chance to use it yet and I had to wash cat wee out of it. Oh dear. Mr Mouse still loves me (although he was rather nervous all morning), and I still love him, dear little man. 

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