Monday, March 3, 2014


Don't look too hard, I'm just getting back into my knitting rhythm. I am really enjoying adding row after row as I watch my favourite television programmes. Yes, I love tv. After a big day I really love blobbing on the couch, pottering away on something crafty and watching something entertaining. My current favourites are forensic and crime dramas, like CSI and Person of Interest and also Doc Martin and some things on the Discovery Channel. There are lots of things I would like to watch, but compromise is the way to a happy marriage. 

On the news front, Zanny's horsey friend was looking much, much better this morning. It is a very chilly day, so hopefully he is tucked up in the stables. I called the saddlery today to check on the arrival time of the winter covers and should be able to pick one up for Mrs Zanny on Wednesday. I have been given instructions on what to purchase, and the weather has really turned nasty and cold, so am really anxious to get one onto her as quickly as I can. There are extra underrugs she can wear to snuggle up in if it snows, so I won't need to buy one of those. I am benefitting from all of the rugs Em has won in the big competitions over the years. 

We went for a walk along the beach today. We took my class out, thinking it could be quite stormy and entertaining but the sun came out instead (even better) and it felt rather warm shining off the sand. I love the beach, and everyone else seemed to have fun too. No storm, but we got a good walk and explore in. I hope the rest of the week is full of fun activities. Yes, I do decide what we do most of the time, but there are a lot of variables, and it can all turn to custard quite easily. 

Brrrrr. If this is Autumn, I think we are in for a very cold winter. 

Back to the knitting ... 

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