Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tilda Blanket Quilt

Wow- a project actually finished, and in record time! This wee darling has been a joy to work on, and I'm very pleased with the results. This is the Tilda Blanket Quilt, and is a lap sized quilt for snuggling under on the couch. It was made out of pre-cut so-called squares. Well, they looked like squares until I joined them together.
 I adore the floral fabrics.

 Look at the birdies!!! I'm in love!!!!
The backing is an old vintage blanket. My (recently temperamental) sewing machine seemed to love stitching this project. It was much easier to work with than layers of batting and fabric.
 Mr Mouse really loves this quilt, so I might make him one all of his own.
 I made a big padded one for darling Jasper that matched his ginger coat. I wonder what Mouse would like? He isn't getting an entirely grey one, but I do have a cute piece of Tilda fabric that has tea cups on a grey background. Not too keen on grey - it reminds me of school uniform skirts. High school sucked. Of course, on Mr Mouse, it is just perfect. He is like a happy storm cloud.

Miss Dog has been feeling a little under the weather at times. She's eating grass in this photo. Poor lovely has serious liver issues, so we are living on borrowed time. I need to get her blood tested to check her liver enzyme levels again. Doggies are good at covering how ill they really are. She gobbled up her dinner tonight, so must be feeling OK right now. Labradors are basically eating machines on legs, so it is a sure sign things are not right when a plate of dog food sits around for a wee while.
 She is still full of love for her family, and delighted to see visitors. She and Mr Mouse are best of friends. Mousie has been very sweet with her lately, washing her face and rubbing on her.
It has been a lovely weekend. We went for brunch this morning with friends at the wonderful Robert Harris Cafe down at Hornby. They have the most delicious food and hot chocolates. Johnny and I went for a big walk early this afternoon, ranting away to each other about school stuff. Then we had two lots of afternoon teas with visitors. I managed to finish binding the Tilda quilt (it was fun!!), and starting cutting the fabric for another little quilt project. Mr Mouse will have to wait for his own quilt creation. He is making good use of Jasper's one currently during the day, after discovering it fairly recently. I made a Jasper quilt nest for him and he ignored it for ages. Funny boy. 

Not too keen on a full five days of work this week. Short weeks are so fantastic. I've got a headache, and I think it is one of those three day jobs that cling on and make me a bit miserable. So much to be happy about, so I'm going to ignore it and carry on. 

Oooh- Valentine's Week! Maybe something romantic will happen. Hint, hint! 

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Anonymous said...

I can picture Mousie on a pretty blue quilt. The little quilt is lovely, you must be very pleased with it. Very hot here today, in fact it is still hot! Have a good week. Love to all. xxxx