Saturday, February 15, 2014

Be my Valentine

I hope you had a lovely week. We had a Valentine theme going on at school, and had fun making iced spiced shortbread hearts, sewn hearts, screenprints with a heart pattern and sending a bit of love out to a friend who needed cheering up. I was a lucky girl and when I opened a gift from my Valentine, this is what I found:
Meet Pugsly. He also enjoys sitting on the couch snuggled up in the blankets. 

I've always loved pugs. I'm not sure if their colouring appeals, with their dark faces like a Siamese cat, or whether it is their squashed snouts, or their compact, solid little bodies. Poor pugs have been dreadfully malformed through breeding, causing breathing and eye difficulties, so it really isn't the best thing to support the puggy breeding industry. Fortunately Pugsly is in tip top health, and doesn't snore either, a common complaint in pugs. 

Today The Crafty Neighbour and I went to the quilting and craft fair at Pioneer Stadium. We had a lovely day out, and I did purchase some fabric, which I will show you soon, and got a few craft bits for school. My favourite stand was The Make Cafe's one, which was a delight, with lots of sweet fabric and crafty bits and pieces. They had a button maker and were making wee brooches for $2 each,which  appeared to be very popular. Cushla's Quilting was fantastic too, and had lots of gorgeous fabrics. Some shops specialise in fabrics I'm not at all keen on, but Cushla's had a wide range of fabrics. As a result they were very busy. There were some businesses that had just dull colours, others with really bright and pictorial fabrics, and batiks featured strongly too. Not my taste at all. I had to resist the wonderful half metre pieces of Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics at one beautiful stand. 

I feel very guilty that I haven't seen Zanny all week. I was busy every day after school, and by the time we got home from the fair it was time for a cup of tea and a sit down, and was much later than I thought. Johnny reminded me that the Coast to Coast race would be blocking up the roads out to the farm anyway. Tomorrow, Zanny, I promise. 


Anonymous said...

Hey there...
Pugsly is lovely...did John actually go out and buy him?

The craft fair sounds good, I would love o go to a craft fair one day.

Gorgeous day here, surprise short visit from mum and dad which was lovely. Walked Stells on the beach...did 15,000 slothing on the couch.

Love to you both,


Poppy Black said...

Yes John did buy Pugsly all by himself!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is very cute, well done John! Xxxx