Saturday, February 8, 2014

In a bind

I'm working on binding my wee wool blanket backed Tilda quilt. It is a darling, and has been a pleasure to work on. I find binding pretty dull, but am working on modifying my attitude towards the task. Neat little stitches are easily accomplished with the tv chattering away. The Winter Olympics are fun to watch, providing no one goes postal with a tube of toothpaste. The security includes mounted police, so must be good. We think the venue looks absolutely beautiful, and the competition courses look amazing. 

I mounted up for a lovely ride today. I thought I would work in the arena today, but decided once I got there that Zanny and I needed to get over our fear of the banging birdscarers. It was my fault that Zanny is keen to avoid them because the first time we got a fright I was happy to let her head home rather than face the monster, so she decided that the bangs were a good excuse to turn around. I had no idea whether she would throw a big hissy if I insisted that we keep going on up the road. She had been jumping and spooking badly when she heard them, but I took the risk and we survived intact. The birdscarers sound like a gun blasting and are quite close to where we go. They go off in sets of four, around 5 minutes apart, I think. Zan and I agree that they are bastards, but that they are no longer worth worrying about. She is still to be entirely convinced, so I had her on a gentle, but firm rein, and we managed to walk further than we have gone in a while. Well done to both of us. 


Anonymous said...

Your wee quilt is looking lovely.
Sounds like you and Zanny did well out tackling the bloody bird scarers!!
Hot here today...river walk and paddle, market, washing etc.
Thanks for the tortilla recipe...will try tomorrow.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Good on you and Zanny for being brave! Haven't looked at the olympics yet. The wee quilt is lovely and good that the blanket was useful. Xxx