Thursday, February 6, 2014

Corners of my world

I'm very nosy. I love peering into nooks and crannies, bending over to have a closer look. This morning I was doing just that around my garden and scurried back inside to invite my camera to join me. 
 I spotted all sorts of shapes, colours, surprises and old friends. Can you spot the Mouse hair caught on this foxglove? He loves the garden like I do.

 This cabbage is truly enormous. I enticed Mr Mouse up so that you could see the proportions, but he makes it look rather small. Mouse is actually huge himself, and the cabbage is much, much bigger than he is.
 I was rather keen to make courgette fritters today, but (can you believe it?), there was not a courgette or squashy relative to be found of any size. Well, there is rather a large lineup of big, woody marrows that have grown like monsters when my back was turned. They don't qualify for fritter creation.

I adore my garden, but the weeds do rather cause me considerable grouchiness on frequent occasions. I was ripping away in the cherry tree corner today, and decided that the only way to truly eliminate the nasty, deep rooted weeds that shred when you pull and pull at them, is to employ chemical warfare. Oh dear! Not keen on that idea, but I'm feeling rather hopeless at the thought of ever getting control of the rampant growth around here. I did manage to fill the greenwaste bin. Yes, I'm bad- I can't keep up with all of the composting required, so send most of my weeds to the council composting place. Piles of weeds depress me even more than masses of them growing in the garden.

I had intended to sew this afternoon, but after gardening I headed out for a ride on Zanny. I had planned to ride then sew, but socialising took a bit of time too. I had a fun ride on Zanny, with a friend along on a very uncomfortable borrowed bicycle. Zanny was happy with the bike alongside, and I enjoyed a good chat. Zanny tried it on a bit when she heard the bird scarers banging, but I insisted we keep walking towards the booms until she was proceeding willingly. I didn't want her to think she was controlling when we headed home. I just have to tell myself I have a firm seat in my saddle, and that she is just messing with me a bit, and won't throw a massive wobbly.

I thought you might like to see my other horsey girls. Not the big babies, the older girls.

Here's Tara, looking pleased because Zanny is returning to the paddock. She loves cuddles and carrots. Hope the tiny foal in her tummy is growing happily.
 Introducing Thistle. She is a 27 year old Standardbred lady who is spending her time in retirement boarding at the horse farm. Her owner has moved to another city, so I am chief spoiler. She is a dear girl with warm, friendly eyes. She is in great condition, although obviously tends to run to fat as her neck has quite a pronounced wobbly top.
 Funny that Dolly had a very similar expression on her face too. She is also a girl who carries extra weight - in fact it is a miracle she never founders (which means, in simple terms, very sore inflamed hooves). Dolly is also retired and is allegedly "ancient." She is a funny girl who isn't keen on people, but I have wormed my way into her affections because I know her favorite places for a good scratch. I think Dolly is a real sweetie who probably developed a defensive attitude in her former life as a harness racer and broodmare. I like to take the time to give her a good scratch until her lips quiver with pleasure. Love it.
Well, apart from the lack of sewing, I did get lots of gardening done, and had horse fun too. Not a bad way to celebrate New Zealand's national day- Waitangi Day. I am always immensely grateful to have a short week not long after starting the first term. It softens the blow of starting the new term and getting everything and everyone sorted. I hope you had a fun day too.  

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, sounds as if you had a great day. Lovely the photos of the horses they all look very calm and Thistle is lovely. Meg and Henry came for a visit and went home with plenty of produce, we dug the first shaw of Agria, which was great. Had another visitor beforehand and after he left was rushing to make scones and forgot the baking powder, they were awful :-(. Have a good friday tomorrow. Xxx