Sunday, February 16, 2014


Isn't it great when everything just comes together to make for a smooth and happy weekend? Yesterday was fun with the day out at the craft fair. Today I fitted in everything I wanted to do. My darling Zanny appeared to be pleased to see me, and we had fun in the arena then walked down the long drive and back. She was behaving like a youngster, snorting at anything out of the ordinary, and trying to go fast. It was very quiet at the farm as almost everyone seemed to be out, so I had a peaceful time and could really concentrate. I gave her a good wash when we finished, which we both love to do. 

The garden is looking good, although the weeds in the undergrowth would upset more pedantic gardeners. The apples are ripening. 
Yes, I grew that!! Even more amazing, Miss Dog didn't get to it first. 
I had the usual assistance in the vege patch. 
I did a bit of sewing this afternoon. Not before I attempted to take photos of the fabric I got yesterday. I had a bit of trouble with the light, and my assistants. 
I was drawn to the vintage styled fabrics. The charm pack on the top has some really sweet designs. We'll have a look at that another time. I think I have a plan for that. I love the blue dotty floral and would really love a dress made from it. Sadly two fat quarters was all that was available. 
Note the black liquorice-like object in the bottom left corner of this photo. One of my assistants decided to poke her nose into my fabulous roll of vintage styled fabrics. I just couldn't resist these beauties. The sweet little animal and floral prints on jolly coloured backgrounds appeal to me so much.
When I open the roll we will examine the fabrics in detail. Right now I have another project that needs urgent attention. 
I'm testing a stack and slash technique to create a modern look for this little quilt. Hope it works. 

Now I would like to introduce you to my new friend. She isn't named yet, but my sewing machine doesn't have a name either, and I have had her for a long time. 
Wow - an overlocker!!! She goes fast and is slightly daunting, but so far, so good. She helpfully came fully threaded and has coloured thread guides and a DVD to explain how to work her. They can be notoriously tricky to thread, but I think we will be fine. I hope to have plenty of adventures sewing clothing with her. She will be especially useful for knit fabrics. I'm thinking of the beautiful merino fabrics I have admired every winter. 

I hope you all have a lovely week. I'll try to do some wee posts during the week, but no promises. I am shattered after a day at school and usually a little grouchy too. Hmm, I need to work on that. 


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Glad you got out for a ride today. The fabrics are are right, that blue floral spot would make a lovely dress. For some inspiration take a look at They have some gorgeous things.
Love you,
Meg xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Been very warm here but winter will come all too soon so have to make the most of it! There will be enough tomatoes to make some sauce soon.xxxx