Thursday, February 20, 2014


I decided to show you a quilt that I have just finished binding. I have actually been snuggling under it unfinished, while my loathing of binding simmered away. The top is entirely made from Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics, and the reverse side is a red wide backing fabric with a floral pattern, also in red. 
Oh dear, the light isn't too good, but it looked glorious in real life. 
I'll have to do a morning photo shoot so that you can see how fabulous it looks in its entirety. 
Lime green sashing and binding. Who would have thought it would be so brilliant?

I really must have another go with my other camera. My wee I-pad tries hard, but doesn't quite cut the mustard compared to my proper camera. 

Zanny and I managed a ride yesterday. I was hoping for a lovely relaxed stroll, but after Zanny siddled up against the wire fence, spooking at who knows what, and my foot hooked a fencepost, sending her upwards in fright, things were fraught with nerves. I was fine, even though I was launched well upwards out of the saddle, luckily coming straight back down again with a good clunk. Then Zanny decided the spooky hayshed (which is actually a lovely hayshed), was horrible, and she tried to persuade me that home was a far better idea. Then there were those banging buggers, the birdscarers, blasting like cannons every five minutes or so, in dramatic volleys. Anyway, like a good special needs teacher, I couldn't possibly let her get away with not doing what I planned, which was just to pass the spooky shed, turn around and walk safely home. If I gave in to her, she would have learned that carrying on like she was about to be killed was the way to get to go home whenever she wants. I'd never see the end of it. So, in spite of feeling a bit scared myself, we did it, and she didn't do anything I couldn't handle.

 I am so looking forward to the crops being harvested so that the farmers will stop polluting the soundscape on my riding territory. I will find tackling spooky sheds (and troughs, rubbish bins, animals, things on the ground, different coloured patches of grass and other miscellaneous monsters) much easier without sudden bangs mid spook. For now we will call it Character Building.

We have had some horribly hot days this week, with another forecast for tomorrow. Poor crispy garden. 


Anonymous said...

Shame about the damn bird scarers, i wouldnt like to live near them. There is one over the valley that used to go off quite often but havent heard it this year. Been very hot here too. Going to nova's 70th birthday afternoon tea tomorrow. Xxx

Anonymous said...

The finished quilt looks amazing. Damn bird scarers!! Too hot here, roll on boot weather!!
Meg xxxxx

Josie said...

Your quilt is just stunning, you must be so proud of it. My daughter would love me to make her a quilt but they just seem so, well big! However, having seen yours I feel inspired. Thanks so much for sharing.