Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tilda - before the new term

School is back in, so I have had my focus elsewhere while we got up and running. We've got a Thursday holiday tomorrow, so I can recharge my batteries with a ride and some sewing. Mr Mouse and Miss Dog will be very pleased indeed. Mousie has been irritated with my morning getting ready for school routine, and we suspect Miss Dog has been barking a lot. They find it hard when they have to stay home while we go to work. I have been having a lot of fun at school, and have had some great creative ideas, so it hasn't been too hard to go. 

I felt like there was not enough time for sewing projects over the Christmas break. I did buy a lovely Tilda fabric pack, and used an old blanket to back a patched panel I made from it. 
Thanks for the blanket, Mum. 
I just pieced the squares together. They were not quite perfectly matched in size, which did create a few corner issues, but never mind that. If I worried about perfection I wouldn't make anything. Perfection is a cruel and unforgiving misteress. 
The next step involved layering and pinning. I actually took both layers back to the ironing board and gave them a good smooth out because you really need good, flat layers to help to prevent puckers. 
Mr Mouse decided to test drive the quilt - unimpressed, by the look of it. 
It looks a bit rough here still, but it was fine - thanks Mouse! I pinned the two layers with quilting pins. They are like small safety pins with a curved spiky part. They are quite sharp to go through the quilt layers and there was one ouchy incident. You need to put plenty of pins in, and in case you feel resentful about the time it takes kneeling on the hard floor, just remember you could be hand basting instead. 
Now I have shown you this much I am keen to get the job finished! I adore Tilda fabrics. There is one other brand of fabric that I used to make some extra squares, which matched beautifully. The vintage blanket is a perfect match too. The next steps are quilting and binding. I will show you tomorrow, all going to plan. 

More big sewing news coming soon. 

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