Sunday, December 22, 2013

Really on holiday

At last the school year is over and parents groan while teachers sigh with relief. Yes teachers do get a lot of holidays, but I am positive that without them many teachers would find work elsewhere. I would. I am delighted to be able to shut off the constant school thoughts (well sort of - there is planning for next year to consider), and move onto home jobs. 

Firstly, I did think my toms were not contenders in the South Island Family Tomato Ripening Contest. I had a closer look this morning and found this tasty morsel. Not bad. 
The roses are kicking into action again. 
Wont the bumblebees be pleased with this globe artichoke, left just for them to enjoy. 
Look - the first courgettes are ready. 
No hearts in these lettuces. Maybe after Christmas. Then we will have a rapidly rotting glut. 
There are some pretty corners of the garden, bu the weeds have gone mad. Oh, well, that always happens. 
I think of feijoas as our answer to the beautiful New Zealand Christmas tree, the pokutukawa, which is rarely seen down south. The birds are loving these, and they are very indignant when Mr mouse lurks beneath. Hope the birds leave plenty of flowers to turn into fruit. Not everyone likes them, but I do, and I like to give them to passionate feijoa lovers who haven't got their own. 
I will be out to ride Zanny sometime today, and am having a tidy up. So much to do. 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays!!!

Garden looks great as usual...nice wee tomato.

Travel sage tomorrow...see you soon,

Meg xxxxx