Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I am sitting quietly, happily surrounded by my wonderful family. Our wee nephew is four years old. Such a lovely age, giggly and busy learning. He says and does the funniest things. One brother is missing, but it isn't easy to spend the holidays away from home with a wee baby. 

So what shall I aim to achieve this year? I guess I could aim high, but keeping it simple might be a better idea. 

- knit something
-crochet something
-finish my unfinished quilt projects
-find a pattern for and make a fabulous dress
-sort out my front garden so that I feel proud of it
-grow good chili plants
-grow a good supply of salad greens all year
-grow tomatillos and make salsa verde 
-cook using recipe books 
-join the library
-exercise more
-collect some more chintz china
-make some blankets for the SPCA
-canter elegantly
-make substantial healthy lunches for school
-watch less tv and do more fun making and doing instead 
-take better photos 
-read lots of books 
-be more organised
-sort out the house and keep it that way

I am going to remember that if I want something to happen I need to work on it. Things don't change without an effort. Make the most of each day. XXXX

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