Sunday, December 15, 2013

Here there and everywhere

Do you see him? You will have to look very hard to see him tucked in among the strawberries. A blackbird told me where to look, crying in fury, warning everyone around. 
A quick visit to the feijoas. 
Zanny's saddle blanket still smells horsey, even after a good wash. 

Up we go. 
King of the world. 
I do love a wee wander around the garden with my Ipad mini. The photos are not as good as my camera, but you can't beat the convenience. 

There he goes again. 
Love this tiny corner. Squashes, grape vine, tomato and some self sown coriander. 
Pretty beans. 
Not sure what these are. Some kind of sprouting broccoli. Not much bang for your buck. 
I feel so happy sitting out here in the back yard with my animal best friends. Wish Zanny was here but she would make short work of the rose bushes, and our pooper scooper is a bit on the small side. 

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Anonymous said... looks glorious (as does Mousey!!).

Love you,