Saturday, December 14, 2013

Already on holiday

I've decided to declare myself on holiday - well, in the holiday mood. We have a few more days of school and there will be a lot of fun to be had, so why not lead the way with a summery sparkle? It was certainly the weather for it. 

Darling Zanny and I were delighted to have friends to hack out with today, and we were using our own saddle, so that was pretty special. Zanny loves hanging out with her friend Frank, and he is such a placid boy out and about, so makes me feel lovely and safe. One thing that alarms me when I am on horseback is other horses playing up. The herd mentality can strike and set eveyone off. Zanny was pretty excited about being out and about, but was a lovely girl to ride. My saddle was fantastic. 

We are eating summer foods now, and we were given a lovely box of new potatoes. They are divine. 

Summer stonefruit is in the shops. Today I stocked up on peaches. Tomatoes are so cheap to buy at the moment too. I love the plump, juicy tangelos in the shops at the moment, and The Crafty Neighbour has a lemon tree laden with fruit. 
She also has lots of basil in her tunnel house and is happy to share. 
After some very Grinchy moments when I wanted to cancel Christmas, I am feeling jolly again. 

We are in for another hot day tomorrow. Happy holidays even if you are still working. Make every day a special day. 

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Anonymous said...

Love the birds on your tree...ours is much more dishevelled and random!!

Yum, summer stone fruit...I have had plums off our tree, and apricots, no plums or nectarines yet.

Love you,