Saturday, November 9, 2013


Today I am coming to you from my dear little I Pad mini, which is already a favourite friend. She arrived two days ago so lots of experimenting to go. I actually have one, plus a big I Pad at school, but nice to have one with my own things on it.
I am experimenting with putting photos on so excuse any layout issues. 
We have been out working hard in the garden. Not a hardship when the roses look so lovely.
We have been supervised the whole time.

I have almost finished the bird and butterfly quilt.
And look at my fantastic new old blankie. 
Mr Turtle will be pleased to have a crocheted friend (not made of turtle skin I hope!!!!).
Well, this is a little tricky to get used to, but seems like it will be a convenient alternative to cranking up the laptop or remembering to have the camera handy. 
Tomorrow I promised Zanny a good wash from head to toe, with shampoo if there is some handy. It is supposed to be very hot, so we will both enjoy getting wet, especially after a ride. Miss Dog is slightly worried that I may have similar plans for her. She loves swimming, but hates being squirted with the hose. 
Don't worry Miss Dog, bathing Zanny will be hard enough and she co-operates. 


Anonymous said...

The blog looks great being done on your IPad...I love the ease of taking photos and sharing them...haven't had any luck mastering action shots though.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, dear Poppy is looking quite grey round the muzzle. Enjoy your exploits tomorrow. xxx