Monday, October 28, 2013


Strange when something as simple as a pile of horse covers causes major drama. I mounted up today ready to practise my new skills once again, but Zanny had other things on her mind. She spotted the covers and decided that they must be a horrible, terrifying monster. She spun around and shot back into the stable yard snorting vigorously. We came to a halt and I realised I had sensibly clutched two big handfuls of mane and was securely in place still. I guess she does occasionally need to remind me that she is a thoroughbred, even though she doesn't behave like one most of the time. 

Anyway, she was NOT walking past the monster on the way out so I had to take her out the other way. On the way back I figured that she would be highly motivated to get to the stable yard, so we tackled the monster again. After a bit of discussion, coaxing, snorting and sideways dancing, we made it past. I was very pleased with myself for not bailing. I was safely in the saddle. Well done to me!
Possible artist's rendition of Zanny's monster courtesy of The Graphics Fairy


Anonymous said...

Good on you what a victory! Isn,t em's foal cute? So glad for her that he' s arrived safely. Xxxx

Anonymous said...

The wind makes me cranky as well...glad you conquered your noble beasts antics.