Sunday, November 10, 2013

Longing for a baby

Zanny is in season again. I thought something was up when I led her down the paddock. She was fixated on the other horses around the paddock, rather than on food like usual. Does she want another foal, or is she just a tart who is keen on the lads? Who knows, but the boys (even geldings) sure like her. We had quite a bit of drama around the wash bay because two sides have paddocks with boys in them. After a fair bit of calling, weeing, stamping, kicking out and hind quarter swinging, I got her washed and then we retreated back to the paddock. She thundered down the fenceline to torment the boys some more when I let her go. Thank goodness for the electric fence. 

I went to see this dear little man today.  
 Isn't he gorgeous?
 His daddy is the gypsy cob, John Brodie, and his mummy is a licorice allsort off a pony with a mixture of breeding.
 She is a wonderful mummy and keeps her little man in line as good mummies should.
I want one of my own!

Ps. Aria is a big, big girl now! I must take some photos for you.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful wee fellow, is he friendly? Some photos of baby Hazel on facebook too. Have a good day tomorrow love mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

Isn't he beautiful...such lovely markings,