Sunday, November 17, 2013

From the garden

Mouse and Miss Dog love to help.

Redevelopment of the messy corner has been hard work. 

I love the way caulis look like the are not doing anything and suddenly one day you peer into the depths and tucked among the leaves is a lovely surprise. 

I am winning the race to south island tomatoes in the family, I am sure. 

I had a lovely ride on Zanny today. She and I managed lovely rhythm when trotting today. I was riding in a saddle I am trialing. I just need an expert to check the fit and if good it will be mine. Zanny seems happy in it. 
Hard work supervising. 


Anonymous said...

Winning the South island family tomato race aye?? We will see..your might be tallest but will they have ripe toms first??? Think mine will give you a run for their money!
Garden looks fab...hi to John, Poppy and Mr Mouse from us here in Nelson...we love you guys xxx

Anonymous said...

Your garden does look fab, far ahead of ours but i blame the daffs for that. At least the beans are up. Had lots of thunder here today, and then it rained. Dad had just painted the porch and the paint not drying too well so Rupert has grey paddy paws. Have a good day tomorrow everyone. Love you all. Xxx