Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lucky Girl!

This week has been full of lovely things coming my way. Every day we had fun at school with our wonderfully funny and (now) well behaved bunch of teenagers. Yesterday we went to a concert featuring the Christchurch Concert Band. It was especially put on for our school, so the rather restless audience was not a problem. One of my students was chosen to conduct, and I was so proud of him. He was such a showman! 

Today I had my first lesson with this amazing rider:
 This is my friend Emily Cammock, who is honestly so far out of my riding league I never thought she'd teach someone at my level. But she was quite happy to give me some time, and I got so much out of our lesson, even if it was just simple stuff to Em. Emily is a top level eventer, who has ridden internationally, including at the Badminton Horse Trials. She corrected my leg position and advised me on bum position and hip angle. Now I have to practise and practise until the new position becomes natural. It was just a slight adjustment, but makes a huge difference long term. My hands are good and steady, and I think my first canter was a big surprise because it was so good! The other way was less successful because Zanny and I both have a weak side. I stayed on, but was a bit unbalanced and so was Zanny.  She gave me some great tips for success, and she seemed really happy with how Zanny and I work together. I do have to work on being more bossy with her. Hard when she is so sweet, but I know she does little things that are a bit naughty.

So I was delighted with my efforts in the saddle today. It was horribly windy. I'm still getting bits out of my eyes, and my hair is gritty. Zanny was a bit spooky, but Em said I obviously trust her, and she trusts me, so we are working really well together. It didn't help when Macca the dog caught a big baby rabbit in the trees by the arena and ate it like a big monster in the long grass. Zanny and I both thought that was pretty horrible.

Hopefully I'll get out for another ride tomorrow to practise my new position.

I was very surprised earlier in the week when a good friend from school gave me a bag of goodies. I was so excited that one of my students was cackling at me for being such an over-excited idiot. But who wouldn't be? Look- floral chintz china!
 Which matches the other pieces I have of this pattern, seen at left below, with the perfect thistle trio that was also in the bag.
 And look at this yummy pansy design trio. I adore it!!!!
 It looks at home with some other pieces of similar colour tones.

I also got a parcel from my darling sister. It contained a selection of fantastic goodies, including this cardie, which has been upcycled with trims and beads. Fabulous!
 She also got me this fabulous Sephora makeup palette. I love makeup and have already delved into this. There is a particularly wonderful dark green which I am in love with. Lots of experiments to come. Not sure when the bright pink eyeshadow will have an outing, but who knows? Fun to play with.
 The wind has definitely been disagreeable in the garden too. My poor yellow iris!
 A spider caught more than it bargained for too.
 The blossom tree is shedding everywhere.
My tulips have flopped over too.
 The roses are coping so far.
 Buds everywhere!!

 Wee treasures too.
 Even the vegetables put on a show in the sunlight.

I'm feeling very fortunate this weekend. Especially since it is a three day break. Yay for Labour Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Your riding lesson sounds great...well done.
Glad the make up is ok, hope it isnt too gauwdy!!!
Lovely bag of goodies from your friend at work!!!
Had lovely day with Neecee and Poppa today...sadly we couldn't convince Henry to touch a pony let alone ride one!!