Sunday, October 20, 2013


I never thought it would happen. I went on school camp for the first time ever last week. We went to Living Springs, which is over in Governors Bay, high up on the hills. The view from up there is heavenly. Unfortunately my camera was taken up with taking photos of my students in action, and they never feature here. We all had a fantastic time, with lots of laughs, practise being independent, some challenging walks and activities, plus some wonderful animals to meet. It was great. 

I teach teenagers with intellectual disabilities, and it amazes me what some of my students are not able to do when they are perfectly capable physically. Having things done for them is one of the biggest impediments to independence our students face. It doesn't matter if the butter isn't perfectly spread, or if your top is inside out sometimes, as long as you have a go yourself. We learn basic life skills by practising over and over, improving our physical abilities as we go. 

Speaking of physical abilities, I've been practising keeping my shoulders back and sitting upright while I've been riding. It really helps enormously, and I even managed some cantering without too much bouncing, which I'm sure Zanny appreciated. Zanny's dear friend Tara is off babysitting another horse, so she is feeling rather lonely. She even sneaked away from Emily when she was left to graze on a long patch of grass and was found consorting with the lads. 

Take a look at the new design from Cath Kidston. It is called Wild Ponies and comes in four items. 

I think I like this bag best:

 I'm very fond of this birdie print too, which comes in fabric by the metre as well as bags and clothing items.
Joules have got some cute items too. I love Mr Fox on this jumper. 

 You can't go wrong with a hare pattern either.
These horsey print rubber boots would be handy in the garden and on the farm too.

 I adore fox print items too. No hunters allowed!
The weather has been stunning over the past week. It is supposed to rain again during the week, and the garden will be happy about that. We're eating salad greens from the garden, and I am using broccoli and silver beet whenever I can. My chives have rust on them, which makes me feel very grumpy, but on the scale of things is a very minor issue. The first "big" rose is out and it is  Gertrude Jekyll. What a glorious fragrance! I tied up some of the Christmas lilies today. The weeds in the front garden are rampant, but the back garden is getting sorted and under control. 

Well, I'm pleased that camp is over, but it was a big success and achievement for us all. I guess I should be doing some serious thinking about Christmas. 


Anonymous said...

Yay....glad camp was a success, sounds great.
I love all those gorgeous things as well, the ponies print is just lovely and I could go mad on the Joules site.

Have a great week,

Love you guys xxx


Anonymous said...

I love them too -gorgeous. Must look on the Joules site again. Glad the camp was such a success. Lots of love, Mum. xxxxx