Sunday, October 13, 2013

Horsey Day

Apologies to anyone who doesn't have any interest at all in horses. I was grooming today at the One Day Event at McLean's Island. It was a fairly quiet day because two of the horses were borrowed by other riders, and we only had three competing for our little team, plus dear pony Spot, who had a great day with his young rider. He's older than she is, and is showing her the ropes. 

Here's naughty Al smiling and looking like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. He kept trying to pull up the matting on the truck ramp and bit my leg when I stopped paying attention to him when someone pointed something interesting out to me. 
 And this fellow looks exhausted after discovering a delicious snack out on the cross country course early in the morning. There will be fewer bunnies roaming the fields over summer now. I can't bear to think about it.
I got to watch a bit of the action today. Sometimes we are just too busy. I don't really do anything very thrilling, but everyone helps. My jobs are to:

  • Pick up poo. 
  • Provide lots of drinks to the horses throughout the day. 
  • Help with putting tack on the horses and removing it. 
  • Keep the feed bags full.
  • Wash horses at the wash bay after the cross country.
  • Brush anyone that needs it.
  • Remove plaits after the dressage. 
  • Video Em in action if she needs a record.
  • Run little missions to carry things from place to place as required. 
  • Provide calming scratches and strokes if horses are upset or if they just look like they need a cuddle (or if I do). 
It is a busy day with lots of walking around, generally at speeds faster than I like to go normally. Other people walk so fast! 

So it was a happy day, with quite a few laughs, bright sun shining and warm temperatures. 

School starts again tomorrow. 

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