Friday, October 11, 2013


Thank goodness it was fine today because I was MAD about being a wimp yesterday, so I headed out to the farm to redeem myself. Sorry, had to use an old photo of Zanny because I was focused on one thing - riding - today.

 It was a much more suitable situation for riding today as no one was around, all was calm and quiet, and snuggled up in my crash vest, I felt warm enough. We trotted in all directions in the arena and I had a little success controlling her speed. Then we practised cantering and managed whole big circles today, which we've never done before. Zanny was so good, and did everything I asked of her. We're coming along nicely together.

Ps. Mouse, Miss Dog and I planted cosmos, candytuft, radish and coriander seeds today. I watered the trays in the glasshouse and suddenly I could see the sweetpea shoots emerging.

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Anonymous said...

That would have been very satisfying for you! Well done to both of you. Went to Henry's birthday lunch party which was fun, dear wee man. He does love his pirate ship! xxxxxxx