Sunday, August 4, 2013


Sorry, I am super tired this weekend and haven't done anything about taking photos. I did manage a ride on Saturday, between showers, and had a bit of fun with Zanny. She decided that Princess, the miniature pony, was a big, bad monster, and we had a bit of drama and snorting over her. I think the wind didn't help. Never mind. I did get some nice trotting in before it turned to custard. Horses who haven't been living around miniatures find them very scary because they don't know what they are. Funny! Pigs and alpacas are in the same category.

The week at school was very good, but I'm worn out already. Mr Mouse decided that sleep-ins were totally unnecessary for his mother, and he made sure I knew it. Never mind, I love seeing his furry wee face, his flicking squirrel tail and his joy over playing with my hair ties. He is always excited when I finally respond to his efforts to disturb me in the morning.

We went to a play at the Court Theatre. It was about PE teachers, and was full of un-PC fun and laughs. I don't go out to the theatre very often, so it was a real treat. Unfortunately the ballet Swan Lake was on the same evening, so I didn't get to go to that, which I would have loved.

It is my birthday soon. Hmm. What would I like to get for my birthday? Johnny knows I want a saddle for Mrs Zanny, but that's a bit of a tricky one. I need a new watch, but I've been looking for ages and haven't found one I like yet, so Johnny isn't likely to find one easily. Most of them have metal straps, but my skin can be very angry unless I clad it in precious metals. I'd love some more floral chintz china for my lovely shelves. Well, any pretty china makes me happy. I love Carltonware too. I'd like to own the Dexter tv programmes on DVD. Or the first series of Call the Midwife. I'd like to get Mr Mouse a kitten. Preferably a cuddly homebody type. A Birman or Ragdoll would probably suit. Mr Mouse is half Birman, and he is happy being inside most of the time and prefers having a friend with him when he plays in the garden. Perfect. I'd worry if I had a wanderer. I think time would be the best thing to get for a birthday. I'd love some time in the sun with Zanny and Tara. Time to go out to the farm to visit each and every horse and to spoil Aria, Fergie and Ben with carrots and cuddles. Time in the garden with masses of pansies and violas to plant. Time in my craft room sewing or scrapbooking. Not feeling like time is strictly limited because I'm so tired.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Sound like you have been super busy…the theatre…that's a bit posh!! Hope John is feeling better after the street party xx

Are you keen to join me for a health kick in a few weeks (after your birthday and our holiday??

Talk to you soon, keep blogging while we are away, I will be checking in for new posts.

Love you,

Tracy x said...

time would be my choice too!!
happiest of happy birthdays lovely lady xx