Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back in the saddle again

Today was the big day! I had Zanny shod yesterday and today I mounted up for the first time in about nine months. She was really happy about it too. 
I wore my back protector to give me confidence but Zanny was good as gold. She was a little anxious for a start because she hasn't been in the arena where she is staying before. I just let her walk around on a long rein until we both settled. Then we practised our stopping and starting, lining up with the dressage letters on the arena. 

Zanny didn't feel scary at all, and I was amazed how I adjusted so quickly to being up high again. I found that difficult previously, if I had a short break in my riding, We worked on our trot. She needs to go steadily as she tends to get quite fast if allowed to. I need to work on riding on the correct diagonal, sitting upright, and using my body to steady her.

We only had a short ride because I saw how her muscles quivered when she had to stand on three legs for a prolonged time while the farrier worked on her hooves yesterday. We are both so out of condition (and Zanny is the only one with a good excuse for that). Riding gives me some motivation to work on that. My back only pinged once, and when Johnny pointed out that I was hunching forward (the fetal position is my go-to position when unbalanced), I sat up tall and no more back pain! Considering how temperamental my back has been of late, I was very surprised. Riding is very good therapy!

These are the first pictures I have of myself riding Zanny, and I am really pleased to have them. I think we look great together.


Anonymous said...

Yay, awesome riding photos..great you are back n the saddle.

Anonymous said...

You both look very happy, well done! Xxxxx