Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Greetings, I'm still alive

Yes, I am still in blogland, but have had a couple of busy weeks with visitors and school stuff going on. Last weekend was great as we had Mum and Dad to stay. My precious cousin came for lunch on Sunday, which we all loved. We've got the Education Review Office coming to school next week, which has sent everyone into a frenzy of worry. It is just routine having them to visit, but no one likes the thought of letting the side down.

Sad to say, we didn't get to visit the horses at the weekend due to the horrible weather. It looks like my darling Zanny will go into retirement from motherhood and will now be my fulltime riding horse. That is really great news for both of us because I will be able to focus on my riding, and she will get to do some interesting things with me, hopefully. I worked on cantering last time I rode. She has a rather jerky canter so I will need to practise lots to look remotely elegant. We will be working out her living arrangements soon. She is enjoying her time at our lovely friend's house in a big paddock. We have to decide who will be Tara's next handsome man friend. She is a career broodmare, but I would like to do some groundwork training with her to add some fun into her life. She is a sweetie and loves cuddles and brushes.

My spring garden is looking so pretty, and I need to get a trailer of lovely rotted horse poo so that I can prepare my vege patch. I have leeks, ancient beetroot, rainbow chard, silverbeet and celery planted. I didn't get any garlic in midyear. I wonder if I am too late?

Johnny is asleep on the couch and I feel like curling up under a snuggly quilt myself. Not long until the weekend, but it is times like these that I wish I could work part-time.


mcdaff said...

It was lovely to see you over the weekend. It has been raining nonstop here too, and very dreary. Have been working on the cover for the porch couch. Decided it needed a lining first as the foam rubber clings and makes,it hard to work with, so did,that today. Looking forward to being able to get outside to do some work, but it might be a couple of days before the weather clears. Lots of love, mum. Xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yay, glad to see an update!!
Have a wonderful weekend, I will give you a call.