Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I am home with a horrible cold. I actually think I look worse than I feel, but I've got very little energy, which is incompatible with my line of work. I am ghostly white with pink blotches. Mr Mouse and Miss Dog are thrilled that I am home. I know exactly who gave me the cold. Grrrr. If you have a sick, sneezing, snotty child, for goodness sake keep them home from school. 

Anyway, we didn't take many photos at all from our weekend adventure because it rained and rained. We visited the West Coast, staying at Nelson Creek, which is a tiny settlement north east of Greymouth. We had a lovely time, and took Miss Dog because we don't know how many more adventures she will have. She loved it, as I'm sure you can imagine. There were interesting smells everywhere to be snuffled and followed. 

Miss Dog visited the Brunner Mine site. This was the site of a terrible disaster (not only lots of people killed, but ponies too). Dangerous gases built up in the coal mine and exploded. Apparently the ponies didn't want to go in so they were forced to go by covering their heads. They knew something was wrong. It is a fascinating place and not at all eerie, unlike some places I have visited.
 We are checking out the old coke ovens. They are shaped like igloos.
 We also went to the seaside and it was rough and frothy.
 I tied my hat on with my scarf because it was so windy. John said I looked like a dork. Miss Dog liked hanging out with Shadow, but she wasn't allowed off for a run because she kept looking at the sea longingly, and I wasn't prepared to save her if she went in for a swim.

We had such a short time and had a few people with us, so we didn't get to drop in on my aunt and uncle, who live in a wonderful place up on the hills looking out towards the sea in Greymouth. Never mind, another time. They are both artist craftspeople so I would have been very interested to see what they were creating. The West Coast is a wonderfully inspiring place.

I did have a wee try at gold panning, but sadly did not make my fortune. Or anything. I wasn't sure how to do it properly, as my knowledge has all been gained from watching Discovery Channel's Goldrush. It was fun though, and I'll definitely have another go. I could see exactly where I would poke the pipe of a dredge if I had one (I've also watched the Alaskan underwater gold miners on TV).  

I'd like to do some crafting this afternoon, but a nap sounds good about now. Both Mousie and Miss Dog are basking in the sun. Great idea. 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your trip to the Coast was good, glad Poppy enjoyed it. Looks as cold as hell though!!
Ryan has been at home with a nasty cold as well, hope Hen and I are immune to his germs! So far, so good.
Love you, looking forward to seeing you next Friday (14th).