Friday, May 31, 2013

Queen's Birthday

I've always wanted to be a princess. Not a Disney type, but a regal jewel wearing royal princess.  However, now I realise that I'd like to play with the jewels and live in a big palace or castle, but be completely anonymous. Imagine living your whole life under the constant scrutiny of other people. We celebrate Queen's birthday this weekend, and, although not her real birthday, I'd like to wish Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, a very happy and fun birthday, with plenty of privacy. 
 She could enjoy the company of her corgis, and other dogs. I believe she has also had/has Labradors.

 She could take a lovely ride - possibly sidesaddle, although she probably keeps this riding style for ceremonial occasions. She may have even given the whole business up as I think she stays grounded for special events now.
 I have a feeling she would prefer riding out in a pair of jodhpurs.
 I was a little surprised to find she has a history with motorbikes as well! Maybe a nice hoon around the hills at Balmoral would be on the cards.
 I guess she'd probably enjoy the company of her family most of all. I seem to have seen quite a few photos of her smiling happily in the company of her nearest and dearest lately. She's got lovely family things to look forward to with a great grandchild on the way.
 I'm not sure what her family comes up with as gifts for a woman who has lived as she has. Maybe she is happy with a hug and something handmade, along with a pretty card with a heartfelt message.

Well, I think Queen's Birthday weekend is a bit of a gift to me! Three glorious days of weekend. Adventures to be had. Snuggling up in bed in the morning, with no need to rush. Today I got two parcels from The Book Depository, so I've got some wonderful new books to enjoy.
 Sorry Cherry, Johnny was rather agog at your name.
I read Cherry's lovely blog when I first discovered blogs a few years ago, and then I somehow forgot about it. Then I read a review of her book and decided I HAD to have it. My books give me immense pleasure, so I don't feel guilty adding new ones to my collection every now and then. What a treat getting that card in the mailbox to say I have a booky parcel awaiting collection at the village dairy. 

Have a lovely weekend. By the way, I haven't credited the photos because they were not credited when I googled them. Sadly, they are not from my family album, but if they are from yours and you would like credit, please let me know. In fact, Your Majesty, I'd love to pop around for afternoon tea and a quiet hack with you on the bridle path of one of your estates. I wouldn't grizzle about corgi fur on my cardigan! 


Anonymous said...

What fun, I am sure Your Majesty will enjoy reading your good wishes on the blog. You may even get a summons over the weekend to join her at Balmoral for a hack out on a Highland pony! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

The books look lovely…can't wait to have a look at them in a couple of weeks. Great photos of the Queen!
I hear you are on the Coast…have fun,