Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I adore my darling Mum! No doubt about it. I'm so lucky to have her. I sometimes wish I had my own little person to love, but I have a busy, full life without children. I have a dear little niece and nephew, and another on the way, so that is lovely. I just wish we live closer to them. 

Of course I couldn't let Mother's Day pass without a visit to my other favourite mothers. It has been rather wet some days over the past week, and the girls certainly managed to collect a fair bit of mud in their thick coats. Mrs Zanny was in a relaxed mood, enjoying the sun.
 Tara was making the most of the lush grass in the paddock.

 Zanny and Fergie gave each other a good nibbly scratch.
 What a pretty girl you are Fergie!
 And you are so so cute, Aria!
 I've had such a busy week at school, and have been outside over the weekend. I have been planning my next quilt. I like to make the reverse sides interesting because I like to wrap myself in my quilts. These are two pieces of spotted fabric from my stash.
 I need a little extra length so I found this feathery fat quarter, again, from my stash.
 I'll piece those together but the front side is one beautiful piece of fabric that was a remnant I got on sale. What a treasure!
 I will carefully machine quilt it to make the most of the design. I am so fond of images like these, and love birdies and butterflies in botanical-styled prints.

On that note- The Graphic's Fairy (check out the link on the left) has the most divine free vintage images. Well worth a look. You'll be seeing them popping up on my blog regularly!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the lovely words! I hope you have had a lovely weekend with your fabric, filling your green bin and visiting the girls. it was a lovely day here today. Have a good week. Xxxxxxxx